10 Worst NBA Jerseys Ever

White Sox pitcher Chris Sale was suspended in 2014 for destroying the team’s throwback uniforms. The Sox higher ups called it a “temper tantrum” from Sale and eventually traded him the next year… If only the NBA players playing for these teams, would pull out the scissors and cut these shitty uniforms up as well. With that being said, we’re back to our list of the, “Ten Worst NBA Uniforms Of All-Time”.

10Denver Nuggets 93 to 03

Believe it or not, I actually liked the multi colored rainbow striped Nuggets uniforms they rocked for 11 years. But in 1993, the Nuggets franchise changed with the times and went to a puke yellow, dark blue and maroon look, that maybe fit the 90s theme better. But by taking a quick glance at their pukey new colors, you totally miss the Rainbow mosaic.

9Utah Jazz 96 to 04

The Utah Jazz did get Jazzier when they went from their boring old Jazz logo, to their fresh Coors Light advertisement. Maybe this will be an idea for future franchise uniforms, since after this season, every NBA team will be rocking an advertisement… God, do we really need to be reminded that men have Erectile dysfunction, while watching Hoops?

8Houston Rockets Now

The Rockets uniform baffles me every time I see their shitty Rocket font, and their two loops that go around their arms. Whoever created this uniform needs a new career, because this design is lame at best.. Yes, the uniforms with the rocket launching was better.

7Charlotte Bobcats 04 to 08

The Bobcats will only be a distant memory for all of us. A memory that really means nothing to most NBA fans. Sorry Charlotte, but its true. To compound the shitty organization that was the Bobcats, they had the ugliest orange uniforms that had no clear color scheme. Were they orange? Teal? Dark blue? Grey? Did they have a drunk teenager create this color scheme? Who knows, and at this point, …who cares..

6New Orleans Pelicans Now

Doesn’t it seem like whoever created the Pelicans uniform just said, “ahh fuck it, does it really matter how the uniform looks? They’re gunna suck anyway” Albeit they do suck ass, other than Anthony Davis… the team’s uniform is completely awkward. Whats the deal with the tiny font across the jersey? SMH

5Vancouver Grizzlies 95 to 01

It wasn’t without effort for the Vancouver Grizzlies uniforms are on this list. Whoever created the logo and the design of the Unis definetly took their time to try to make it look cool. The problem is, sometimes you can do too much.. With a pathetic record of 101 wins to 359 loses in their fracnchise career, their uniforms made the team look like they were working at an amusement park. But all in all, I actually feel bad for Vancouver on how they got ditched by the NBA. So Canada, rock those jerseys with pride!

4Orlando Magic Now

This one is difficult to understand. Because during the Penny and Shaq era, the Orlando Magic had the sickest uniforms ever, with their black, blue and pinstripes scheme the team not only were winners but a branding element that every major shoe company wanted to be a part of. So its a scratch your head moment when you see the Magic uniforms now…whats up with the new logo and font and Why are the pinstripes not straight? Simple fix Orlando, Just go back to the 96 uni’s and stay there.

3Indiana Pacers 84 to 90

We tried to stay away from dogging the retro uni’s but this one was super horrendous. The Pacers throughout their career, have had probably one of the ugliest looks ever. And to this day, it still really hasn’t changed. But during the mid to late 80’s their logo and jersey was tremendously bad. With a hand holding a basketball creating a P// Does the P stand for Penis? because it looks like a crooked cock.

2Detroit Pistons 95 to 01

Take it from the Detroit Pistons, you can actually go back to the old and make your team better again. In 95, the Detroit Pistons got fancy and changed their red white and blue color scheme to teal, maroon, and yellow, we couldn’t recognize the Pistons anymore. The saddest part is, they made Detroit legend, Joe Dumars wear the ugly uniform. The Pistons went back to their old logo and colors and Wala! another championship.

1Los Angeles Clippers Always

The Clippers can’t win ever, not in standings, not in popularity, not in their Uniforms.. The Clippers moved to LA in 1984 from San Diego and are known as perennial losers through out their existence. The franshise once complained to Staples Center officials that during their home games the Laker banners need to be covered up. Instead of covering it up with banners of faces of current players, why not win something? Or better yet, change your Name, you’re known as a Loser. What the fuck is a Clipper anyway? You’re in LA, be creative. And yes, the new logo you made last year, sucks dick.

And there you have it, our list of the Ten Worst NBA Uniforms Of All -Time, Did we miss any other ugly uniforms? If so, mention them in the comment section below, and as always don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.


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