10 Greatest Dunkers In NBA History

The phrase Slam Dunk has entered popular usage in American English as a ‘sure thing’.. like this video being dope as fuuuu. The slam dunk is a guaranteed outcome or an impressive achievement in popular phrases..but when these 10 dunkers went up for the ‘sure thing’, it will drop your mouth wide open.. for that sausage. With that being said, we’re back to our list of the 10 Greatest Dunkers In NBA History.

10Blake Griffin

The only time you should try to block Griffin is if he’s trying to shoot a jumper.. Because if this man has a running start, defenders turn into Blake’s bitch in a matter of seconds.. Just ask, Channing Frye, Serge Ibaka, Roy Hibbert, Pau Gasol, Mozgov, and Kendrick Perkins. I guess white men can jump. We know he’s not white yori, you can stop telling me. He’s black, but he looks white, i looked as his skin.

9Jason Richardson

In 2003 at the slam dunk contest, Jason Richardson of the golden state warriors, did something we’ve never seen in life. An off the back board, alley top, through the legs.. What the fuck was that? And till this day, I’m not too sure if any other human has been successful at the same defiance of laws of physics. And yes, J Rich’s highlight in-game are nasty too. (show some crazy highlight,)

8Gerald Green

If anyone has a problem with Gerald Green as the number 8 dunker in the history of the NBA.. you are absolutely wrong.. Green is such a high flyer that its almost the only reason why he’s still in the NBA, just check out his horrendous defense on Kevin Love in the playoffs..But where he lacks in D and everything else in his game, Gerald Green makes up for it with these crazy ass highlights.

7Larry Nance

This guy was so athletically gifted, that he even spawned a child who can one day be on this list as well…nicknamed “The High-Ayatolla of Slamola”, which is probably the un coolest nickname ever, dunked on people like it was his job! oh yea, it was his job. at 6 feet 10 and only 200 pounds dude soared over opponents with consistent ease.

6Zach LaVine

As one of most entertaining slam dunk champion we’ve ever seen, Zach revitalized the stale ass dunk contest that was nearly abandoned by the NBA. Talks were swirling that the dunk contrast got so boring that new contests needed to be developed in order to keep the all star weekend entertaining..in come Zach laVine..Game over.

5Shawn Kemp

The dunk that Shawn Kemp reigned over Alton Lister, may be the greatest single poster dunk we’ve ever seen in the NBA.. I think Shawn literally dipped his nut sack in Lister’s mouth while simultaneously making him his bitch.. The Reign Man’s career from 1989 to 2003 wasn’t as stellar throughout the late 90’s early 2000’s.. when Reign Man became Pour burgers down my fat mouth Man.

4Dominique Wilkins

As one of the greatest dunkers of all time, in competition and in the game.. The Humans Highlight film put opposition to shame when he would windmill, reverse or double clutch dunk on dudes heads.. Dominique to this day, holds a grudge when he lost to MJ in the slam dunk contest back in 88. Which to this day, is regarded as one of the greatest and iconic dunk contests ever.

3Michael Jordan

The Air-ness didn’t get that nickname for fadeaway J’s.. As the greatest of all time, he was also one of the greatest dunkers of all time.. Jordan threw down monster dunks on any center that tried to block his shot, when one of the sickest dunks went down in the history of the NBA, when Jordan went baseline to dunk on Patrick Ewing in the 91 playoffs.

2Dr. J

Known as one of the greatest dunkers and players to ever play the game of basketball. Dr Julius Erving’s most electrifying dunks weren’t even caught on television.. As most of his ABA games were not televised or recorded. But when Dr J finally entered the NBA as a 76er, the fans and the world went wild when he dropped a cradle hammer dunk over the Lakers. Shit was epic.

1Vince Carter

No need to dispute who the greatest dunker of all time is. Vinsanity throughout his NBA career has more highlight dunks than anyone else on the planet times 10. Carter’s resume is vast, lets take a look, Vince jumping over a 7 footer in the Olympics, or when he rammed one down Alonzo Mourning, the iconic dunk contest in 2000, or when he took the one-handed alley oop against the Clippers. It’s no question Vince Carter, is the greatest dunker in NBA history.

And there you have it, our list of the 10 Greatest Dunkers In The NBA. Did we miss any other high flyers? If so, mention them in the comment section below, and as always/don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.


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