10 Greatest NBA Playoff Buzzer Beaters

Did The Truth call Bank? Nah bro… he called Gaaame… Bitch! Playoff Buzzer Beaters in the NBA are by far, the most soul crushing or greatest feelings in the world. Its almost as good as jizzing in your pants..twice. Depending on which team you’re on.. The team that called Game.. or the team that got its fat smile wiped the fuck off. With that being said, Welcome to our list of the 10 Greatest NBA Playoff Buzzer Beaters.

10Derrick Rose Round 2 Game 3, 2015

Tied 96 to 96 with 3 seconds to go.. and Derrick Rose showed the world why he’s still that Nigga. Even though he was injured throughout the season, he said fuck the ankle pain, caught the Dunleavy pass, went to the top of the 3 point line, and banked in the winner..

9LeBron James ECF Game 2 – 2009

Its a better buzzer beater when you’re actually down in the game and the series..More to lose, if you miss.. When Orlando was up by two with 1 second left and leading the Eastern Conference series 1-0.. King James catches and cashes a miraculous 3 to win by 1. And to make it even more memorable, it was at him in Cleveland.

8Damian Lillard Round 1 Game 6 – 2014

It’s been 14 years since the Portland Trailblazers advanced in the playoffs.. And it came from a Damian Lillard 3 buzzer beater with .9 seconds left. . Down by 2 at 98 to 96, Lillard catches an inbound play near the sideline and rises over Chandler Parsons.. Game!

7Paul Pierce Round 2 Game 3 – 2015

Gotta love the Truth’s interview when he was asked if he called Bank.. 5 seconds left to go, the OG Paul Pierce had the ball at the top of the key tied 101 to 101 vs
Atlanta. Pierce ISO’s with a step back bank shot falling away. The Truth Called Game!

6Glen Davis Round 2 Game 4 – 2009

Paul Pierce wanted the last shot against Orlando..but when Rashard Lewis left Big Baby in the corner to double Pierce on the pick and roll.. Pierce had to pass the ball to Glen Davis, Yes, Pierce actually passed the fucken ball, and Glen drained the long two to win game 4 and tie the series 2/2.. But more headlines were made when Glen pushed a Magic fan out of the way to celebrate the win, the kid died instantly… But fuck all that.. Pierce passed the fucking ball.. Stunned…

5Kobe Bryant Round 1 Game 4 – 2006

Down by 3 with 15.7 scones to go in Overtime.. Kobe receives the inbound and spin moves for 2.. Down by 1, Steve Nash gets tied up by Luke Walton on a jump ball.. With 6.1 remaining Kobe saves the tip and goes Mamba.. drops the buzzer beater game over in OT.. The famous Kobe pic of showing his left titty.. Wooooo!

4Robert Horry WCF Game 4 2002

With 7 ticks left down by 2, Kobe goes to the rack and misses, Shaq rebounds and puts it back up and misses, The King’s Vlade knocks the ball out to Big Shot Bob at the 3 point line aaannnndddd Splash. Sorry ties the series and the Lakers end up winning the series and the title.

3John Stockton WCF Game 6 1997

John Stockton went off in the 4th quarter of this game 6 knock out game against The Houston Rockets. Dropping 15 in the 4th, Utah had 2.6 seconds on the inbound tied at 100, and then Russell throws a pass to Stockton who cut away from the basket.. When Stockton got the inbound, you can hear the commentator say “uh oh”.. And with no-one in sight, Barkley tried to recover but.. Splash mountain bitch. Stockton sends the Jazz to the Finals against MJ’s Bulls.

2Derek Fisher WCF Game 5 2005

One of the craziest Back 2 Backs in NBA history.. Before we get into the famous 4 by Fisher… Tim Duncan drops a damn near fade away buzzer beater that put the Spurs up by 1 with 0.4 to go.. Down 73 to 72, Fisher gets the inbound from Payton and drops a high archer for the win.. Derek then runs off the court into the locker room.. Ironically, Big Shot Bob stands there on the opposite team, stunned.

1Michael Jordan Round 1 Game 5 1989

Known simply as “The Shot” and not the one i left on your mothers lower back.. In round 1, believe it or not, MJ’s Bulls were considered the underdog against the Cavs before the series began.. MJ went Airness and had one of the most iconic moments in his career, when he took the ball with 3 seconds to the elbow fading left over Craig Ehlo. It’s easy to say, Michael Jordan’s fist pump celebration is one of the most greatest sports moments ever.

And there you have it, our list of the 10 Greatest NBA Playoff Buzzer Beaters. Did we miss any other great game ending daggers? If so, mention them in the comment section below, and as always/don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.

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