10 Countries With The Smallest Penis Size

Scientists claim that the size of the Penis does not matter, as long as the job gets done. But those scientists are probably Cambodian. If you liked our last video of the top 10 countries with the biggest penis’s, then you’ll love our list of the top 10 countries with the smallest Penis’s. SO bring out the magnifying glass and tweezers, and let’s have ourselves a closer look.


Researchers found out that the birthrate in Japan is so low, that adult diapers are sold more than baby diapers. The Japanese are packing a whopping 4.30 inches of sausage, I guess, if you can’t reach, you can’t reach, Sashimi anyone?

9Sri Lankan

men very well represent the size of their tiny little country., and their tiny little cock. With an average size of 4.30 inches.


We have reason to believe that the Chinese, were gifted with a clever mind, and cursed with a small penis, with an average penis size of 4.29 inches, now we know why Bruce Lee was always so mad.


Manny Pacquiao has been under the suspicion of using steroids over the years, and if that’s true, then his dick could very well be inverted by now. Cause the Philippines has an average size of 4.21 inches, now that’s a pretty small dick pac man.


Taiwan’s home of lady boys and Alexander Wang. But they need some more pay weigh gee (Peh-oe-ji) in their pants with a ridiculous average penis size of 4.20 inches. Women of Taiwan, I feel for you, but it’s okay, just book a ticket to congo.


As beautiful as it is, Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is famous for their two kind of nuts. Betel nuts, and their little hanging nuts, with an average size of 4.19 inches.


The country who proudly shared its Yoga spirituality shit to the world, never shared the fact that Indian Men have a teensy weensy dickie, with an average size of 4.03 inches. Well we, now know the truth. Namaste!


home to the world’s largest gold Buddha, the largest crocodile farm, the largest restaurant, the longest suspension bridge, and the tallest hotel, I guess they’re trying to compensate for their national average of 4 inches in the penis department.


50 % of the Cambodian population is under the age of 15. No wonder the average Penis size of Cambodian Men is just 3.95 inches. I’m surprised that Neverland ranch wasn’t built there. #RIP the King of Penis

1South Korea

You may have heard their fantastic K-pop, and you may be impressed with their Economical, financial and Military Growth, but I guarantee that you will never see South Korea the Same way ever again, as they hold the record for the nation with the smallest penis, with an average size of 3.8 inches of pure imagination, and you know North Korea can’t be much better, maybe that’s why they’re so secretive.

And there you have it, our list of the top 10 countries with the smallest Penis’s. Where does your country hang? Mention them in the comments section, below. And as always, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.


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