10 Countries With The Biggest Penis Size

We may have landed on the moon, conquered mars but we are still fighting to resolve one of the most important question in the history of man kind. Which countries wins at the game of Cocks! Well, Researchers and white women have found the answers, and they lye in Africa and South America. So without getting hard, Let’s take a look at our list, of the top 10 countries with the largest Penises.


Along with the Red seas, volcanic lakes, lovely resorts and calming waterfalls, Sudan stands Stiff at number 10 with an average Penis size of 6.4 Inches. So ladies head over to Sudan, and grab a Suman!


No, not Africa or South America. This time the oldest country in Europe, Hungary also holds the record of the largest Cocks found in all of Europe with a blood curdling avg size of 6.5 Inches. Hungry for Cock, go to Hungary!


Recently the largest dinosaur footprints have been discovered in Bolivia. Is this related to the Massive 6.51 Inches of Bolivian Penis? Only Time will tell. Geeze poor Bolivian Prisoners!


You may have never heard about this Central African country but trust me, from now onwards, You will never forget Cameroon, because they have got huge dicks with an average Penis size of 6.57 Inches.


According to Christianity, Jesus Christ made his 1st miracle in Lebanon. But not many know that his 2nd miracle, which was blessing the lebanese men with 6.6 inches of ding-dong.


Having the world’s largest proven oil reserves, Venezuela also has one of the largest Penises, with an average size of 6.70 inches.


is the Home of Pop Sensation Shakira. Columbian Penises must have caused a lot of Pain with an avg size of 6.71 inches. After all, ‘Hips don’t lie’, if you know what I mean.


Along with gold & cocoa beans, Ghana is the largest exporter of their humongous black monsters with an avg size of 6.8 inches. “Coffee, Gold and Dicks, Surely a heaven for chicks.“


Charles Darwin’s’ theory of evolution is largely based on Charles Darwins Theory of Penetration. His research and discoveries, while studying in Ecuador, unveiled a average penis size of 7 inches of pure hard dick. So all you cock hungry hoes, hit the equator.


Many enormous Gorillas and the great apes can Only be found in Congo, it also known as the birthplace of the mighty anaconda, and we aint talkin snakes. With a mind boggling enormous dick size of 7.1 inches, it is the World Record holder, and wife vagina detroyer, so fellas keep your wives out of the congo.

And there you have it, our list of the top 10 countries with the largest Penis size. Where does your country hang? Mention them in the comments section, below. And as always, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.


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