10 Insane Things You Can Buy In China

There’s some pretty ridiculous stuff you can waste your money on, and then theirs these bizarre items available for purchase in china, here’s our list of 10 insane things you can buy in china.

10Dwarf Tours

China has some pretty funky ideas for “Theme Park” type locations, how about this 13,000 acre miniature world, where inside you will find 30 tiny cottages that are housed exclusively by dwarfs, So next time your in china, make sure to stop by The Kingdom Of The Little People.

9Food Prepared, Cooked, And Served By Robots

Don’t you hate getting home from a long day of work, to only find that you need to cook for yourself, well the solution is now here, Robot Chefs! is you have an extra $2,000 to $3,000 lying around, you could pick up one of these fine metallic cooks.

8Canned Air

In need of some fresh air? but on the run? well make sure to try some canned air! i guess Chinese air pollution is so bad that theirs an actual business for people looking for a breath of fresh air. This product was part of a publicity stunt to bring awareness to how bad the pollution situation is currently in china, which is so bad you can see it from space!

7Live Turtle Key Rings

Well its pretty much what is it, a live turtle in a key ring, of course this raises the question as to “How does it get any oxygen in there” which is one of the main reasons people buy this gift, to set the animal free, but some people also buy them for its good luck.

6Panda Tea

One kilo of this tea can run you about $77,000 US Dollars, which is a pretty ridiculous price for some tea, this probably makes you wonder why this tea cost so much and taste so good? well you can credit the panda for that, for its delicious poop, which is the main reason this tea costs so much, The theory is that pandas really only use about 30 percent of the bamboo they eat, eliminating the rest of the unprocessed bamboo in their fecal matter. It’s believed that, among other nutrients, bamboo contains antioxidants that can prevent cancer, so panda tea is marketed as an anti-cancer tonic and a weight loss aid.

5Traffic Jam Stand-Ins

China’s population is currently around 1.3 billion people, so you know traffic must be a pain in the ass, If you find yourself stuck in a gridlock, you can call the service, tell them where you are, and wait for two men to arrive on a motorcycle. The stand-in will sit in your car, and the motorcycle driver will take you anywhere you need to go, now if that isn’t convenience i don’t know what is!

4White People

you can’t actually buy white people in China—but you can rent them, Chinese businessmen will often rent white actors to stand beside them at important events and, well, that’s about it. So if your white and having trouble finding work, maybe your not looking in the right places?

3Live Crabs From Vending Machines

Don’t have time to stop by the store? but really in the mood for some live crab, well then china’s the place you need to be, They sell for the equivalent of about two US dollars, and the bottom row of the machine also offers bottles of ginger vinegar.

2Tea Picked By The Mouth Of A Virgin

The Jiuhua tea plantation in the Henan Province hires virgins with C-cup breasts to pick tea by grabbing the leaves with their lips and then dropping them into a wicker basket nestled between their breasts. According to the spokesperson for the company, this odd requirement comes from a legend about how the tea used to be picked by the mouths of fairies.
Obama Fried Chicken

1Obama Fried Chicken

Well, its pretty much KFC with Obama’s face on it, which is what to expect when the restaurants name is “Obama Fried Chicken” Believe it or not, this isn’t actually the first Obama Fried Chicken to grace the planet—or the first time China has used Obama’s image to sell chicken. The first OFC opened in Brooklyn in 2009, but closed down a short time later.

and that concludes our list of 10 insane things you can buy in china, did we forget to mention some other outrageous stuff you can buy? make sure to leave it in the comment section below, and like always, make sure to like share and subscribe.

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