10 Missing Treasures Never Discovered

Hidden treasure is not just something you hear about in those Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Oh no, it’s real alright, and the good news is, the world is filled with these hidden treasure that have yet to be found, so take a look at our list of 10 missing treasures NEVER discovered!

10Treasure at Little Bighorn

When you’ve got too much weight holding you down, what do you do? You lighten the load, and I aint talkin #2. Cause getting rid of $375,000 worth of Gold Bars, would probably cause you more stress, than piece of mind. But in the late 1800’s, captain Grant Marsh, had no other choice, and it is said that this fortune remains undiscovered till this day.

9The Forrest Fenn Hidden Treasure

When this man found out that he only had a few months to live, he decided to bury his most beloved artefacts, leaving only vague clues to humanity. His possessions are supposedly worth up to $3 million, so you might wanna call up Indiana Jones, cause till this day – the hunt is still ON.

8Mosby’s Treasure

Confederate Commander Cornel John Singleton Mosby owned a burlap sack containing $350,000, of gold silver and various family Air looms. In the middle of civil war, he instructed his men to bury his treasure, after those men buried it, they ended up dead, and the treasure? well John Singleton Mosby claims it was never found, so, I guess it’s up for grabs.

7Treasure in the Mojave Desert

When a ship sunk 100 miles deep inland of the Pacific Ocean, so did the millions of dollars’ worth of pearls that were also on board. Too bad you ain’t friends with Aqua Man, cause the guy that finds this box of captain crunch, is gonna be one lucky fellow.

6The Bedford County Treasure

It is reported that a whopping $63 million worth of gold and silver, is buried somewhere in the depths of Bedford County Virginia. It belonged to Thomas Beale, who was supposed to return to open it 10 years after burying it, but Beale died before then, so the loot is still up for grabs.

5Butch Cassidy’s Treasure

This famous outlaw of the wild west is said to have buried $20,000 somewhere in the Irish Canyon, it was an effort to avoid it being taken from him by the law, cause they was after his ass, and they caught um. So, it remains unfound till this day, so you might want to start hanging around this canyon a little more often. With shovel and some beer.

4The Treasure of Jean Lafitte

Now this Jack Sparrow looking motherfucker was rumored to have buried his treasure, somewhere in Lake Bore Knee, in the Gulf of Mexico. Now, this is a Ginormous area, so to find it would be a miracle. But hey, anything’s possible, right?

3The Coast of Key West

Legend has it that in 1622, a hurricane hit off the coast of key west, causing tons of ships to meet their demise – with an estimated $700 million said to on board. Might not be a bad idea to start taking those snorkeling lessons.

2John Dillinger’s Buried Treasure

Month’s before this outlaw passed on, he was rumored to have buried $200,000 in Wisconsin. No one knows where, just that it’s in small bills inside a suitcase. That’s why whenever you find a lost luggage, your always suppose to open it before reporting it missing, unless you’re in Afghanistan, then uh, you can just leave it there.

1The Treasure of San Miguel

One of the largest amounts of hidden treasure known to man, the sum of $2 billion lies somewhere in the depths of the ocean near San Miguel. One of the seven ships has been found, but the rest are yet to be uncovered. Again, Aqua Man, where in the shits in Aqua Man when ya need um.

Anyhoots, there you have it; our list of ten missing treasures never discovered. Have we forgotten any? If you know of any more hidden treasures, then you prolly shouldn’t tell anybody, or you can mention them in the comments section below. And as always, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.


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