10 Most Expensive Meals In The World

Hope you have the munchies cause we’re talkin food. You don’t just need it to stay alive…but it sometimes leaves you broke as joke so.. Let’s take a look at our list of ten most expensive meals in the world!

10$100 Cheesesteak

Now, we all love digging into a good old’ hearty steak (unless your vegan vegetarian or any of that shit) but can you really justify paying a whopping $100 for one at Barcley Prime in Philadelphia? Steak is great, and cheese is well great too, but spending a Benjamin on one? Hmm…. it aint trickin if ya got it!

9$100 Dragon Dog

Believe it or not, a man called Dougie Luv actually made it his mission to sell the world’s most expensive hotdog, using what he calls “high- end meat” to create this foot-long brat worst. It’s infused with 100-year- old cognac; but that’s going straight to the shitter in a day or 2.

8$240 Masa

You thought $100 for a hot dog was epic? Bar Masa in New York City charges an incredulous $240 for an 8-piece roll equipped with tuna and caviar. We don’t know, but we’re sure you could do a whole lot more with $240, like how about buy a dragon dog and a cheesesteak and still have lunch money for the rest of the week.

7$170 Soup

This so-called “Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup” from Kai Mayfair made it into Guinness book of World Records as the most expensive soup on the planet. We’re sure Grandma’s soup is just as good…but like I was saying before, soup turns into poop.

6$750 Cupcake

Yes, you heard that right. This Las Vegas born piece of art is crafted out of chocolate, that comes from Venezuela’s rare Porcelana Criollo bean, and is topped with edible gold (literally) now there’s nothing wrong with having your cake, and eating it too, but when your spending close to a rack? I’ll stick with a twinkee from 711

5$350 Steak

This mighty meaty meal from The Old Homestead Steakhouse in NYC boasts a 12-ounce portion of Japanese steak for $350. It’s so expensive because Japanese steak was previously banned in the U.S, but seriously, that’s what you call a Holy Cow.

4$1000 Pizza

Ninja Turtles might just beat your ass for a slice, cause this heavenly combination of caviar and lobster from Nino’s Bellissima in NYC, is probably the most expensive pizza on the planet, and it takes several days to deliver. We just hope they keep it warm in the oven, during all that time!

3$1000 Sundae

And I aint talkin the weekend. This “Golden Opulence Sundae from Serendipity in New York, is topped with three scoops of decadent Tahi tian Vanilla Ice Cream, Madagascar Vanilla beans, and – wait for it – a 23Karat, edible golden leaf. Only 200 have been sold in nine years, yet we wonder, who are these people.

2$1000 Frittata

Norma’s in NYC is home to the “Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata”, which is topped with 10 ounces of caviar. The Guinness Book of World Records named it the most expensive omelet on the planet – which you know, could also be made in your pan, at home, for a whole lot cheaper.

1$2420 Pizza

We thought it be best to save this one for last. Remember the Ninja Turtles, while they’d prolly kill for a slice of this one. This pizza is topped with organic white buffalo mozzarella and a 24Karat gold leaf. Can you justify spending some people’s entire salary on one pizza? Well, I guess that depends how ballin you are.

And there you have it; our list of ten most expensive meals in the world. Have we forgotten to mention any? If you know of more incredulous priced cuisines, please mention them in the comments section below. And as always, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.

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