10 Tallest Roller Coasters In The World

In our previous video we forgot to mention some of your favorites, but we’ve heard your digital cries for help So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our list of another ten tallest roller coasters in the world!


Roller coaster made of wood? Well you heard it right. Located in California, This 235 feet tall beast comes with a 255 foot woody drop- the longest among all the wooden roller coasters in the world. After you plunge down the steep hill, you’ll soar through a 120-foot underground tunnel and fly through a near-mile of steel spirals, zero-gravity hills, high-speed helix’s, deep plunges, and twisted curves. Scare already? Well I understand.

9Silver Star

Towering at 239 feet, this 24 story German mega structure is nearly a mile long thrill ride with a plenty of floating time as the train rests at atop over each hill. Located in Germany & sponsored by Mercedes Benz, this ride guarantees a special combination of speed and weightlessness for you to remember for years.


This 245 feet tall Steel monster located in six flags Texas is enough to give you headaches due it’s complex sections and twists. With whooping 2.8 million pounds of steel to manufacture, this giant can give you experience you will never forget.


Expedición al Himalaya, simply known as Sambhala is the tallest, and fastest hyper-coaster in the entire Europe, with a longest drop of 256 ft. Crossing the fountains and pedestrian pathways with 180 degree twits and turns, a china themed park, shit scary airtime hill drop. – you name it. This epic devil of Spain has got it all.

6Thunder Dolphin

A roller coaster in downtown? Are you fucking (Freakin’) kidding me? Meet Thunder Dolphin. Located Practically in the middle of downtown Tokyo, This 260 ft monster is one of the most unforgettable thrill ride of Japan. This bad boy cuts through the La Qua building & a giant ferry wheel, which makes it one of the most unique and scary rides of all.


named for a Biblical sea monster, very well lives up to its name. When you ride this tallest and longest speed monster of Canada, you’re gonna drop from a frightening height of 306 feet and you WILL feel like the ground is gonna open up and swallow in the first drop. So you better wear a diaper, Just in case, you know, because they don’t provide any.

4Millennium force

This magnificent 310 feet tall and 2 minutes long death drive will surely give you a new definition of adventure. Based in Ohio, this steel beast is so giant, it created a new category called giga-coasters. This monumental ride broke 6 world records when it debuted, bringing coasters to the new heights, literally! Take a ride, experience the thrill, go big or go home.

3Tower of Terror-II

Name says it all. This Australian based monstrous shuttle roller coaster is THE ultimate experience you gotta feel. 377 feet tall with a mind boggling speed of 100 miles per hour, this mega structure will give you goose bumps when you wont feel an ounce of your own weigh for 6.5 seconds at the top. Scared yet? Well You better be.

2Top Thrill Dragster

Another Ohio Beast is the 2nd tallest in the world with an insane height of 420 feet. Do you know what it feels to fall from the height of 400 feet with a speed of whooping 120 miles per hour? Well there you have it. The tagline for Top Thrill Dragster is “Race for the Sky”. Now you know why? So Don’t be a pussy now and get on it.

1Kingda Ka

The tallest of the tall, scariest of all, the name is Kangda Ka. Hold your pants cuz Im’ma talk numbers. Mother-Freaking height of 456 Feet with a shit scary speed of 128 miles per hour, this mega monuments gives you an exhilarating experience for litter under a minute but trust me, that’s enough for one heart. Scads of screams, abundant adrenaline spikes, hordes of horrific gasps, and at least a few wet undergarments, this rocket-shattering New Jersey beast has seen it all.

And there you have it. Our another top ten tallest roller coasters on the planet. How many of these have you tried? Mention them in the comments section, below. And as always, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.


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