10 Banned Disney Productions That Actually Exist

These are the productions that put the D in Disney. Back in the day, Walt Disney didn’t always stick to the rules, and that’s why, hes Thug as Shit, so Take a look at our list of ten banned Disney productions that ACTUALLY exist!

10The Shindig

Back in 1930, Ohio banned a Mickey Mouse cartoon named “The Shindig”. Why? Because Clarabelle Cow was shown in the cartoon to be reading “Three Weeks” by Elinor Glyn, a…controversial romance novelist. Yeah, things were way too proper in 1930, and we can see how that could be inappropriate for kids.

9The Story of Menstruation

We’re sure its name tells you enough. This…unique… Disney Production discusses the ins and outs of menstruation, opening by asking viewers “Why is nature called Mother Nature”. Ok Walt Disney, we get it. And apparently, so did broadcasters.

8The Sweatbox

This rarely seen documentary depicts the company’s failed attempt at making an animated film called “Kingdom of the Sun”. The film supposedly showed executives in such a negative light that they made certain the public would NEVER see it. Unfortunately, that means we can’t tell you what’s in it. Sorry folks.

7The Fish Slap

Canadian Sensors decided it best to ban a Disney cartoon portraying a fish rising out of the water and slapping a mermaid on her thigh. Too close? Maybe. We don’t know the name of the cartoon, and, well, they won’t say.

6The Barnyard Battle

Going back to Mr. Mickey Mouse, it seems the Germans really didn’t like him that much. Mickey, and this cartoon in particular, were banned from Nazi Germany, who desperately wanted to know “Why such a small and dirty animal would be idolized by children globally”. or should I say “Warum zo n Klenze Un Schmootchee deTier Word de Glo ball Von Din Kindern Verta ven tan”

5The Vanishing Prairie

This Disney documentary depicted a buffalo giving birth, and was banned in New York. However, a complaint was made by the American Civil Liberties union, and the band was lifted. It’s just birth, what’s so bad about that? It’s the reason we’re here, right?

4Der Fuhrer’s Face

Everyone knows Donald duck is pretty much the anti-mickey mouse, but this cartoon? Takes this to a whole new level. Disney literally dressed Donald up like a Nazi, and the rest is history. Unfortunately, it’s history we’re not allowed to see.

3Banned UFO Disney Documentary

This film was shown only once, and with no advance notice on stations, and only aired in five US cities.This highly unusual UFO video special, presents UFOs, and alien visitation to our planet, as a matter of fact. Now Disney was either super faded when he approved of this one, Or maybe he knew something, and tried to tell us.


While the whole movie isn’t banned, there are scenes that are. These offending moments in the film include dark skinned looking centaurs polishing their hooves. Apparently it was too controversial to show to the world.

1Song of the South

It is rumored that this movie actually hasn’t been banned at all. Just swept under the rug, Either way, it’s pretty well known for its inappropriate racists moments and unfair portrayal of African Americans. Why not watch it for yourself, and decide if you think it’s a yay…or nay.

And there you have it; our list of ten banned Disney productions that actually exist. Have we forgotten any? If you know of any more controversial creations, please mention them in the comments section below. And as always, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.

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