10 Hottest Walking Dead Sex Scenes

In a Zombie Apocalypse, food, supplies, medicine, and most importantly, Vagina is scarce. So when these Walking Dead Characters get their freak on, while trying to not get their dicks eaten by a Cannibal or a Walker, but i’m sure some crazy mother fucker has tried, you gotta be happy for the few seconds of ass they do get to hit. With that being said, we’re back to our list of the 10 Hottest Walking Dead Sex Scenes. So sit back , relax, grab some lotion and your little Negan Bat and Enjoy!

10Shane And Lori Grimes

When your husband is probably dead, and most of civilization has turned into walking zombies trying to eat everybody. It’s safe to say, your excused to fuck your husband’s best friend. In this hot encounter, we see Lori Grimes getting her belly button licked by Rick’s former partner and BFF Shane. And no, he didn’t pull out.

9Rick And Lori Grimes

Lori’s back again, Rick had slight hope that his wife and kid were safe. But in the back of his mind, he had to think his wife might be a soulless Zombie. So when he found his wife was fully intact, he had to get his post apocalyptic fuck on with wifey. Even if she just recently got cream pied by his best friend in the next tent.

8Glenn And Maggie At The Pharmacy

After killing her first Walker up close and personal, Maggie got a little wet for some Asian Persuasion. *ME SO HORNY* While on a supply run, the two found some quiet time and it got real sexual in the condom aisle. This was the scene when Maggie And Glenn realized their true love for each other. And yes, if we had a yearbook, they would totally be voted ‘Cutest Couple’.

7Andrea And Shane

After the intense shooting lesson, Deputy Shane showed the vulnerable Andrea. The car ride back to camp got very sexual..As She too felt the need to ride the Shane Train, making the signals clear when she groped Shane’s Levis bulge. As he eloquently put it, “c’mon then”.

6Glenn And Maggie Shower Scene

It’s not everyday in this fucked up world, that you get a hot shower. So when those opportunities do present themselves. You better make the most of it. When Maggie and Glenn got their suds going while they romantically bathed each other, and lets be honest, that’s as Steamy as AMC gets…

5The Governor And Andrea

When your title is The Governor, of course you’re gonna get ass on the regular. As Andrea fell for the handsome Governor while he introduced her to Woodbury, and yes he did bury that wood. A potential safe haven, where she can feel more comfortable playing ‘hide the salami’.

4Negan And Sherry

Ok I know, this scene wasn’t sex ,but when Negan and Sherry passionately ‘kissed’ in front of Sherry’s ex husband Dwight, was hot and disturbing all rolled into one. As the sadistic Negan shows Dwight how he’s taking care of his ex “super hot” wife Sherry. And weren’t you all waiting for his famous line, “Oh, Look At That! Takin It Like A Champ!”

3Glenn and Maggie At The Prison

When your life is in imminent danger always, it’s best to ‘get it in’ whenever you have the chance. And sneaky sex partners Maggie and Glenn always seem to find the best time to slap some skin. And from here on out, no more condoms necessary, only wild monkey gorrila sex.

2Abraham And Rosita

My God, Rosita is a fucking hottie. Redhead Abraham was getting the most while his time on The Walking Dead earth, and best believe the carpets match the drapes. Even letting his kinky friend Eugene and his awesome mullet, peep through the self help section of the library as Rosita rides those ginger pubes.

1Rick And Michonne

This Jungle Fever needed to go down. As the warrior woman and Rick Grimes finds love and tenderness when they held hands for the first time on the couch.The rest is history for the two lovers. They say, those who kill together, sleep together. Actually, no one said that, I, I just made that up.

And there you have it, our list of ‘10 Hottest Walking Dead Sex Scenes.’ Did we miss any other T.W.D. sexy scenes? If so, let us know in the comment section below, and as always/ don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.

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