10 Hottest Weather Girls ON Earth

With the invention of a little thing called the cellphone, there’s really no reason to wait and watch your Evening News, But if your Weather Forecast girl is Bomb as fuck, then there’s no harm in checking out them weather curves, and with that being said, Welcome to our list, of the 10 Hottest Weather Girls on Earth.

Vania Manzano

Thank god for Instagram, as this TV Azteca Jalisco weather girl, loves to show off her goods on her IG.. Vania is of Mexican decent, and you know how the mexican TV shows are.. you gotta show some skin, when talkin bout wind! And them Tatas es muy Rico.

Jackie Johnson

Brains and beauty for this L.A. weather girl.. As Jackie, has a degree in broadcast journalism and meteorology. SO definitely one of those hinas you would bring home to Mom n Dad, and she gots to play herself as a News Anchor in Battleship, NCIS, and Las Vegas. So lets just say, that ass got a nack for casting, and forcasting.

Sonya Hill

Corpus Christi Texas weather girl Sonya loves the outdoors.. As she runs on the Shoreline Blvd, and snorkels.. She even competed in Swimsuit USA international, in Mexico. Even though she may have not won the competition, she Won the hearts and chubs of thirsty viewers throughout the state of Texas.

Leticia Castro

There’s a heat wave coming, and i think it’s spurring from these pants. As this weather girl at ABC10 in sacramento, gives the NorCal folks a much needed quarter inch cubby.. Leticia also co-hosted Lucha Libre USA, and had guest appearances on MTV 2 and MTV 3..

Evelyn Taft

As the numbers lower, our pants get a little more tighter.. As this LA weather girl lets us know when the hot temps boil to sizzling.. And its as sizzling as her.. This hottie blondey, is giving Jackie Johnson a run for her money, as she has taken the crown for hottest LA weather girl. As KCAL 9’s GM Steve Mauldin puts it, Sharon, Rick, and Evelyn are the proven winning combination, and Yes, Steve definitely gets HARD.

Mayte Carranco

If you’re planning on learning spanish this summer.. Maybe it would be best to watch all of Mayte’s weather forecasts.. Got damn, look at those Nalgas.. Ok Ok gotta focus… wew, almost jizzed in the pants… because it may be 23 degrees outside, but it’s 101 behind this zipper.

Sheena Parveen

As the lead, she definitely puts the D. in Washington DC WRC-TV, Sheena has taken the station by storm…see what I did there.. Sheena is so amazingly hot, she even made a guest appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, playing the Whisper Challenge.. But hey, if it were me, the only reason this fine-ah would be wearing headphones, is so she dont hurt here lovely earsdrums when I bust out screaming with joy

Lluvia Carrillo

Get ready to have your lenses steamed up people..As this Mexican weather girl is beyond fucking hot.. Her first name translates to Rain so it’s a perfect fit for her to tell the people of Mexico about the weather, right? Actually, No, fuck that.. she could be named Caca Patalone-es and we’d still stare at that ass.. If you dont believe me, just Go ahead and follow her IG, trust me, you won’t regret it..

Sugey Abrego

This list is getting mucho caliente.. as Sugey’s pink top and camel toe daisy dukes gave the internet a massive Boner. I mean just look at that moose knuckle, oh, nooo, wait…. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Sugey became a sensation overnight around the world. As fathers explained to their mijos and laughed with saying, its just a regular ass Tuesday Mijo..

Yanet Garcia

This weather girl knows she’s dope as fuck.. As our number 1 hottest weather girl on Planet Earth, Yanet posts to Instagram all her hot poses and sexy attire.. As she shows the world how she works out her sexy nalgitas.. Believe it or not, her lucky ass Boyfriend isn’t some millionaire footballer, but an online gamer… I guess it pays to play! I wish i could slap my flaccid penis on that ass, like a fuckin drum my nigga.

And there you have it, our list of the 10 Hottest Weather Girls ON Earth. Did we miss any other dime piece weather girl? If so, mention them in the comment section below, and as always/don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.


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